Question While Using PC, GPU fans start spinning at max and Display goes Black


Jul 15, 2016
So at random times, all of a sudden while normally using my PC, GPU fans start to run at max. speed and Display goes to no signal.
So pc basically becomes a colourful box that I can't use until I restart. This problem happened like 4-5 times a day.
Now it's happening every 10 minutes or so.

System Specs:
CPU: Ryzen7 2700x
GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio 2080
MoBo: Aorus x470 Gaming Wifi 7 Rev1.0
RAM: Trident Z 8gbx2 3200mhz RAM
SSD: Samsung NVME M.2 970 evo plus 500gb
HDD: WD Blue 2Tb
PSU: Thermaltake ToughPower Grand RGB 850W 80+ Gold certified.

( Detailed Specs on PC PartPicker Link )

Troubleshooting I tried:
  1. Cleaned my PC, got rid of dust (which wasn't much)
  2. Tried removing cables from psu and putting it into diff. pcie slot in psu (since it's a fully modular psu)
  3. Chaging GPU pcie slot from 1 to 2 on mobo
  4. Uninstalling NVIDIA Gaming Ready Drivers while keeping the NVIDIA control panel (using DDU in Window's Safemode)
  5. Updating my BIOS version from F4 to F50, one by one in ascending order as per website(like from f4 to f5, f5 to f7, f7 to f8, till I reached f8)
Please help me with a solution. I'm worried sick because of this error.