Question Whiney noise while watching my stream?

Jan 1, 2020
Im new to using streamlabs obs but I learned the basics, once i have my themes and different sources like display capture and audio input. But at the end of the day while i watch my stream i hear a whiney noise, doesn’t get loud but it won’t stop along with other unpleasant feedback. Like its a constant whining, i wish i can show you what it sounds like but i streamed on facebook live the page is “FluffyButtonsXD” i did a video while playing star wars battlefront 2, also had a hard time playing its at the bottom of the page and if you turn the volume up halfway at the beginning you can hear it, it wont go away even if im talking or gameplay going though. I also dont have a webcam just yet, i did just order one yesterday, all im using is a Hyperx cloud revolver headset and the mic it came with i need help lol
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