Question Whining noise from Intel NUC 9 power supply ?


Aug 6, 2022
I have had an Intel NUC 9 (Ghost Canyon) for a while now and something I've never been able to figure out is how to reduce the whining noise that the power supply makes. I'm not sure if all of them have this problem or if it's just mine. Here is a video (the sound is amplified a bit so it is easier for the mic to pick up, but otherwise the sound is the same.)


My ears are sensitive to it and it is quite annoying to be close to. Even when I have it inside a cabinet built into the desk, I can still hear it through the wood (although it does help a lot compared to it being out in the open).

Anyone know if this is how the power supply is supposed to sound for the NUC9 9 or if I have a bad unit? Is there anything I can do to lower the noise?

Maybe I can soundproof the inside of the cabinet with those foam tiles or something. Not sure if there is foam that will absorb that high pitch of a frequency.