Question Whining sound from headphones after some system changes

Sep 4, 2019
I can hear a painfully loud whining noise from my headset (hyper x cloud alpha) after installing an NVMe SSD, a second 8GB stick of DDR4 memory and reinstalling windows onto the SSD. System sounds are barely audible over the whining. I've tried both the front and rear 3.5mm jacks, reinstalling drivers, Nvidia audio drivers, Realtek drivers from MSI's website and playing with all sorts of settings. Adjusting system volume will lower the volume of system sounds but not of the whining. Adjusting the volume wheel on the headset will get rid of the whining. I believe it's some kind of electrical interference because I can sometimes make out beeps or scratches coming from my hard drive when I read or write files. I've never had this issue in the year or so I've been using this headset.
I've ruled out the headset as the cause as it works just fine on other devices. I can't test other audio devices on my PC because I don't have any female USB C adapters.
The hard drive is quite loud but I've ruled that out as the issue persisted after removing both the SATA and power connector.

Edit: whining only begins once I boot into windows making me wonder if it's a software issue, as bios is silent.
Speakers in my monitor work perfectly fine from HDMI. Disabling my headset in the audio control panel will stop the system sounds but not the whining, it will persist as long as it is plugged in.

Motherboard: MSI B350 gaming pro
RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 (ballistix sport 2666mhz)
CPU: R3 1300X
GPU: RTX 2060
PSU: Corsair CX550

I'm running out of options here and considering buying a DAC but I'm hesitant because this feels like a fixable issue, and the possibility that a DAC won't fix this is also on my mind.
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