Question white/green/purple screening

Apr 3, 2020
hey guys looking for some help/ input

So i was on ffxiv this morning when i got a white screen, but its not been limited to a white screen, ive had a white, green, purple, and black screen at different times upon login in. It always goes to a single solid color, usualy white but the different colors made it seem worth mentioning. this also happened on war thunder, but it did not on league. there have been no tearing or artifacting to signal the card was dying. Ive cleaned the card tried other pcie slots, tried with out any other programs running and with out other peripherals connected. I also updated windows and reinstalled the current driver. so whats the issue? The card still runs some games with no problem and i even thought i had fixed the issue at one point as i was able to launch ffxiv for about 2 hours and it looked completely normal. Is this an issue with the current driver or is the card dead and just not showing the normal signs?

oh and im running a 1080, i5 6600k, asus maximus viii ranger mobo, 16gb corsair vengeance 3000ddr4 ram.

also i ran a relatively quick stress test on the cpu and one on the ram and had no problems. also

im on version 445.78 on 64bit windows 10 but i tried the 442.50 driver from about a month ago with no changes