Question White Haze after game crashed not going away (looks like a white-ish overlay)

Aug 25, 2022
Game in question is Far Cry New Dawn on Steam. Windows 11.

Same video settings and rig running Far Cry 5 just a day ago for weeks without problems.

After rig crashed mid-game, computer restarted automatically with very visible white haze (looks like a white-ish overlay). Tried running the game again and then quitting to desktop but that didn't work. Tried restarting the computer but didn't work. Tried uninstalling ubisoft connect + New Dawn but didn't work. Tried re-installing steam but also didn't work. I can't be the only one with this issue but no one seems to have reported it yet... Please help!

Thank you.


Full system specs, including PSU make and model (or part number) is? Also, how old the PSU is, and was the PSU bought new or used/refurbished?

Take a screenshot of your desktop. View the screenshot with any other device, other than your PC and look if the white haze also shows up on the screenshot.