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Question White, hazy lines on DELLS2716DG monitor ?


Aug 30, 2014
I am having an issue I noticed recently on my monitor with this kind of white hazy line. I see this both while my monitor is connected to my GPU through a display port cable and while I am playing my switch on the monitor while it is connected through an HDMI cable, so I am assuming it is not a GPU issue, however, I could be wrong. Maybe a simple new cable would work, but with both of these cables still showing the issue, I am not thinking that would be it. This might be an issue just straight up with my monitor, which is unfortunate as it is only a couple years old. I have attached some images from while I was playing my switch on it, it is probably hard to see the haze/lines, but I am hoping others are able to make it out. Anyone run across this before?

Also, I do have two other monitors (different brand than this one) hooked up to this GPU without this issue.

View: https://imgur.com/PHo8pvZ

View: https://imgur.com/oZ5kYqc

View: https://imgur.com/JfAixTp