Question White Horizontal Lines - New 1660ti

Nov 29, 2019
Got my new 1660Ti to replace my aging 970 yesterday, plugged it in and downloaded the latest drivers (did NOT remove previous drivers as the advice seemed to be that it's not necessary when it's nvidia to nvidia) - played a few vr games on Oculus link and had a good time.

Had the day off work today and so had a bit more fun with some VR, and also tried out red dead redemption 2. RDR2 worked absolutely fine, smooth framerates and no issues, Had youtube up on the side monitor as it was a quiet spot in the game, and noticed that in the game all of the edges (around arthurs body, lines in buildings) there were white spots that were rapidly getting brighter. Before I could react the game crashed, and seemed to take out my youtube window along with it, before I received a BSOD.

Crossed my fingers after the reboot, but artifacts started popping up all over both monitors, finally resolving into solid horizontal bars. Rebooted again only to find that these are showing even in the BIOS screen.

Tried reseating the card, tried another PCI slot altogether, both with no joy. Chucked in my old 970 to test and that has no issues at all. I'm guessing If I see these artifacts even in bios that's not driver related at this point, and is almost certainly the card itself right?

Imgur link to picture of white lines being shown