Who is your favorite PC Case maker?

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No Antec, Lian-Li, Thermaltake, or any of the major brands to choose from? If Coller Master is Cooler Master, then that's the only brand I would vote for since I never heard of the other five.
On the basis of the product alone, I see Antec and Cooler Master as pretty equal (like Lian Li but don't see them as cost effective and they've rested on their laurels a bit too long) . The Antec's compatibility w/ Antec's CPX PSU's and their great no hassle support push them into my most favored category.
Antec. To be fair, if ahmed is posting from Saudi Arabia, he probably doesn't know about Antecs.

As far as I know, no one there distributes Antec. I brought my three in over three vacations.


WTF?...you have no major brand in your list...unless coller master is cooler master lol. Out of the choices obviosly cooler master if thats what it is.

And in overall here is my rating:

-Cooler Master


Mar 18, 2010
Cases come down to a couple of things I think.
First you have to like how it looks. What works for some doesn't work for others.

Second a good case has a wire management system. I can't image how I lived without it. I just bought a CM HAF 932 and I love that thing. It blows cold air out the top!! Also there's a good wire management system. I like the look. the red front LED has grown on me.

ALSO a huge point I want to make it. Most people don't even need a new case. You just need to clean all your parts and your temps will drop. If it's been more than six months/year since you last cleaned out your parts do it!

It's therapeutic in a way. Take out all your components (mobo, GFX card, PSU, ect) put them down on a piece of cardboard and take a can of dust-off and some q tips and go to town on that bad boy. You may want to do it outside or have a vacuum handy because there will be dust everywhere.


Nov 29, 2009
I live in the Philippines; although I can see some 5 Antec case models available and this 3 Cooler masters, 1 silverstone, 1 Thermaltake and around 5 Gigabyte....the real reputable case brands here are some of the unknown ones; Vertu, Orient and Neutron...any of u guyz heard about those brands; I personally wudn't touch them coz I know they're far from major brands.
Hi again.

Here in my country (Colombia) are unknown brands, and I think that is the same situation for the US and the most part of Europe. If you can, post the links of the Antec, Coolermaster, silverston and thermaltake case.