Question Who makes quality CAT 5E or Cat 6 network cables


A lot of brands have quality & budget offerings - at the end of the day, there's very few manufactures of cable.

As a quick & easy way to determine, avoid any cables labled "CCA" (copper clad aluminum) and "CCE" (copper clad ethernet - although this branding is rare).

Anything labelled "pure copper" or "bare copper" is what you want to look for.
There is a difference between who makes the cable wire part of the cable and who assembles it into patch cables. One of the better known makers of cable is belden, many people buy end cables from a company called monoprice. Be careful even monoprice sells cables that are "fake". They sell cables with wire size less than 24. This automatically makes the cable not a certified ethernet cable. You only have the companies word and warranty that it works. It likely only works at shorter distances and is still very fragile compared to cables with proper wire size.


Jan 2, 2015
I buy my cable from TrueCable on Amazon. It’s very high quality. I’ve used their indoor and outdoor cat6, as well as their shielded outdoor cat6. Just make sure to buy large connectors because it’s thick cable.
Depends how you buy the cable that is why it depends if you need bulk cable or pre made patch cords. You would only need different size connectors if you were to buy specialized cable like shielded or outdoor cable. Indoor cable all pretty much uses the standard connector size.