Why am I getting Error iaStor ent id 9 on my event log?


Sep 13, 2006
My build is an AW9D-Max mobo, Intel e6600 cpu, 2x1gig Curcial Ballistix Ram, WD Raptor X 150gig HD (non-raid) used for Windows XP Pro SP2 and programs, 2x Samsung Spinpoint P 250gig drives in Raid 0 array, Evga geForce 7900 GTO, 2x samsung dvd-ram r/w drives, Abit uguru panel and digital doc5+ panel. Built about one month ago, been adding software, programs, periphs and generally getting things tidy since then.

However, since I reinstalled windows in order to install Intel Matrix drivers using F6 method, (about 2 weeks ago) my system has been hanging after the BIOS loads and Windows boots (after the windows splash screen with the progress bar) but before Windows actually loads and can be used. The "hang" time lasts between 10 and 30 seconds, but usually at 15 secs or so. This has been after I reinstalled Windows to install the Intel Matrix drivers so as to use RAID (but not for my Raptor boot harddrive, which is NOT part of my RAID array). I did not get this problem before initialising RAID and installing these drivers (although I had other problems resulting from not having proper drivers installed, which I resolved through OS reinstall with F6 process).

What happened was two days ago I installed a Canon MP printer driver. Since then, I've had one BSOD per day (e.g., 2 BSOD's total). So, trying to figure this out, with an Stop Code of 100000d1 (DRV-IRQ), I read to check my Event Log for clues.

So, I went into event log and looked under system errors and saw the once daily System Error for BSOD, but also saw a recurring error for an "iaStor" error, logged with event id of 9. These errors occurred each and every time I booted the computer, with between 2 and 5 errors each time (must time out, then retry). When clicking on the errors, it says "The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period." I assume iaStor meant the Intel Matrix drivers since I became familiar with this driver when had problems with my F6 driver install upon Windows reinstall.

Well, anyway, is this the problem - with the intel drivers? I thought so, but I rolled back the drivers all the way to version (which matches the Intel Option ROM version seen in BIOS). The current, updated driver is, and the mobo shipped with disks for driver Each of these resulted in the same multiple iaStor errors upon boot, as did interim drivers and, I've now tried them all, each with 3 or 4 boots for consistency and always get the hang time at windows load and iaStor error in the Event Log. So I've gone back through the 5 most recent drivers and still have this iaStor error problem.

So now I think maybe it wasn't the drivers but something else? But these iaStor errors are the only errors I'm seeing in the log (other than rare system error), so it doesn't look like anything else is triggering them. These iaStor errors also predate my system erros/BSOD's and occur even without any other errors. Any ideas? The hang time at windwos load is irritating at up to 30 seconds AFTER the windows splash/scroll screen finishes.

BTW, the computer works once past the windows load, but I'm angry since my new PC with fancy conroe e6600 and ddr2 ram is officially slower to boot than my dell with p4 socket 478 chip dinosaur, each with windows xp pro. Help!

Curt J.


try moving the dvd-rw to another controller or temporary remove all dvd-rws.i think the problem is the dvd-rw on intel controller especially in ahci or raid mode.


Jul 15, 2009
First, run the chkdsk utility in DOS-PROMPT or use any other power-full tools to fix the errors in hard drive. While you running the chkdsk utility, you can see something like this "Recover orphan file XXXX XXX", this means your hard disk is having some bad sectors and will going to spoil in future. After you scan and fix the hard drive's sectors, now you can use your computer as normal. But, your System can run without any problem for certain time only. This problem will come again and again. the final solution is replace the hard disk to new.

Best Regards,
Harrish, SA
Freescale (Malaysia)