Why are my games stuttering every second?


Recently my games including Rigs of Rods, Neverball, Minecraft and The Sims 2 are all stuttering rhythmically every one second.

The effect is very noticeable like the whole scene jumps several frames ahead for some reason.

I don't know what changed because they all used to run silky smooth. I am still getting solid 60FPS with VSYNC on although every stutter FRAPS reports it dropping to 56-59FPS.

My specs (don't laugh):

Core 2 Duo E6700
Asrock G41M-S3
4 GB Mushkin DDR3 RAM
XFX AMD Radeon 6670
Windows Vista 32 bit Home basic

MSI afterburner does not seem to show anything unusual.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
This may give a clue


Instead, the Radeon's performance was hampered by delays in frame delivery across a number of games. Our first instinct upon seeing these results was to wonder if we hadn't somehow misconfigured our test systems or had some sort of failing hardware. We test Nvidia and AMD GPUs on separate but identical systems, so to confirm our numbers, we switched the cards between the systems and re-tested. The Radeons still exhibited the same patterns of frame latency, with no meaningful change in the results.
Hopefully, AMD gets this fixed in the rumored July 31 driver release


But these games aren't very heavy.
My PSU is a corsair CX430. I will try the newer drivers tomorrow if I cannot fix this otherwise.

All of them run at 60 FPS except rigs of rods which takes a bit more GPU/CPU but the framerates are still good.


Sep 20, 2013
Do you still have the PC? Because upgrading to Windows 7 would be great in helping your performance as Vista is just laggy and slow. You can get Windows 7 for $110 from stores or cheaper if there is a sale.



Yeah still have it :p
I know I have a laptop with 7 and I like it alot. I have considered it but I am not so sure.


Aug 27, 2014
Glad it fixed it for you. I was having the same issue though and this is not the solution for me. I did however just figure it out (after a frustrating year of "dealing with it"). I have an x58 chipset motherboard and in my case, the northbridge was running hot (75 degrees celcius). The problem was fixed after replacing the thermal paste on the heat spreaders and adding a fan I robbed from an old video card, now it runs much cooler (55 Degrees Celcius) and now it works fine! FINALLY! All other hardware is well below operating temperature, but that northbridge was running hot.

MSI x58 Pro-e Motherboard
Core i7 950 (LGA 1366) 3.2 Ghz
3x2gb Kingston Hyper X DDR3 @ 1600 mhz
MSI GeForce GTX 760 2gb
Creative Labs Soundblaster FX
Ultra LSP750V2 PSU
Kingston SSD now 64 GB SSD
3x 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDDs (Program files/User files/ Movies)



Glad you fixed it. The biggest cause of northbridge heating problems would probably be the type of
CPU cooler used. The NB cooler relies on the air through the CPU fan to keep it cool
but many aftermarket coolers do not provide sufficient airflow

Wish I had 3 TB!