Question Why are my new motherboard settings not changing anything? Why does my CPU clock and RAM frequency so wildly off?


Jun 8, 2018
I apologize if the issue is glaringly obvious, but I'm new to advanced bios settings, especially since my last motherboard was a pre-built. I got a new motherboard, more specifically the GA-X58A-UD3R, so I could overclock my CPU and reach the advertised XMP RAM speed of some new RAM I had purchased, however, even with what seems to be the appropriately configured settings in the bios, the CPU base clock in windows and the RAM frequency according to both CPU-Z and task manager are way lower and even wildly different from each other. I had made sure that my CPU was compatible with this motherboard as I had made sure that it had the same chipset and socket as my CPU and that the motherboard supported 2400mhz with XMP. As you can see with the pictures in the bios, I believe I have the right settings and even when it posts and boots to windows with these settings, they don't seem to take effect, even though the configured RAM timings are there. If you need any more details about the problem besides my specs and the pictures provided, I will be glad to provide them, however, it may be difficult since I already put my old motherboard back in since I believe this new one is faulty, even with the most recent bios version.

P.S., I know my CPU temps are very high ( which I recently fixed), but I had the same temps on my previous board and was still maintaining higher clocks than this. Maybe I'm not seeing the problem, but none of this makes sense.


RAM - f3-2400c11q-16gxm
CPU - Xeon X5690
GPU - Nvidia GTX 1050 ti
Old MB - 05DN3X (Prebuilt board from Dell XPS 9100)
New MB - GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0
Aug 29, 2020
Unfortunately for you, you have one of the worst motherboards for that socket. I have owned one of these and had a hard time getting over 1866 mhz, and that's when it was not dropping memory channels. Gigabyte bioses are extremely poorly designed in those older boards. A lot of things plainly dont work or dont work right.

I dont mean to discourage you though. X58 is a fun platform to tweak. Even though its an artifact at this point in time. I just hope it's not your daily computer