Why Are My Phone's On Screen Keyboard Keys Not Working Properly Anymore?


Oct 6, 2017
Hi everyone.

I have a Moto E4 smartphone. I've had the phone for under a year now if I remember correctly.

Anyway, within the last week or so my phone's on screen keyboard keys have not been working correctly.

More specifically, when I go to type in my phone's password to unlock my phone, it often types different characters than what I type.

The result of all this is that it can be a real struggle just to unlock my phone, send text messages to people, etc.

How can I fix this? What do I need to do to make my phone's onscreen keyboard work correctly again? Typing on a smartphone should never be a struggle like this.

I've considered resetting my phone to factory settings, but then I'm worried that I would lose my data and have to set up everything again. I'm currently using my phone's hotspot for the Internet so I don't want to jeopardize my ability to use my phone as an Internet hotspot.

What does everyone here think when it comes to solving this? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
It seems that your screen digitizer is not calibrated properly. Download some drawing app, and see whether the drawing follows your finger.

It's been a long time since I owned an Android device, so I don't know whether there's a calibration app for the screen coming as standard.