Question Why are some programs and my CPU not getting along?

Oct 31, 2019
I have been dealing with an issue since launch of the 3700x that I thought would eventually get fixed through updates but it's still not.

My 3700x will run all prime95 stress tests just fine and temps are always fine as well. Gaming is also perfectly fine. Video editing is causing major issues. After months of trying to diagnose this problem I finally have some information that might help you to help me...

While rendering in the insta360 studio or Adobe premiere, I will always eventually get a crash where the program just closes without an error or the computer will just restart with no helpful info in event viewer.

What I have learned (using RYZEN MASTER). I can only edit if I turn down the speed of my cores and up the peak core voltage. The fastest speed I can set it to is 4.2 ghz at 1.51 volts. This allows editing without a crash. During idle, the voltages jump around and the temps stay cool but while editing/rendering they stay at the 1.51 max and the temps get hot.

Prime95 has this thing running all cores 4.28 ghz at 1.4v and can go for hours barely hitting temps in the 70s and no crashes. I have seen it even boost and stay for a while up to its max 4.4ghz.

Can anybody explain what is going on?