Question Why are the HDMI ports on Samsung Smart TV's "selective"?

Mar 4, 2019
I have a Samsung 40" Smart TV bought new in the summer of 2014. There are four HDMI inputs labeled on the back as follows:

  1. HDMI 1 (STB)
  2. HDMI 2 (ARC)
  3. HDMI 3
  4. HDMI (DVI)
The HDMI 1 (STB) port will not recognize the signal from either my newest CableOne receiver or from my Panasonic Blu-Ray player but it will recognize my HP Pavilion Notebook PC.

This port 1 did however work with my older CableOne receiver that just got replaced yesterday. It just stopped working a week ago. The cable guy brought the exact same model receivers in his truck to replace it but HDMI 1 strangely gave a No Signal message with either of the two newer cable boxes of the same model he tried so the cable guy assumed the port was bad. I tried my Blu-Ray on that port while he was here: same thing. After he left I decided to try my PC on that port and it, voila!, it worked. I was worried that the old cable box may have damaged this particular port since the port coincidentally stopped working right after the old box failed and a two new boxes and my Blu-Ray player was tried in it and there has been thunder and lightning in my area lately but the cable guy said the coaxial lines for my local cable service are grounded against power surges. My TV set firmware was updated and the TV was reset to factory default but this still did not get HDMI 1 to recognize the new cable box or the Blu-Ray device but HDMI 1 will still accept the PC signal anyhow.

I have to use 3 or 4 for the STB box and the Blu-Ray works in 2. My set-top PC has a new home in HDMI 1 now.

It seems as TV sets these days are as fussy as computer USB ports. Some USB ports work with some devices but not others.

The bottom line, HDMI ports, like USB ports, are not all the same.
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