Why aren't my two front audio jacks working?

Omar Little

Feb 2, 2017

I've just finished my build and my front audio panel (Mic and Headphones) isn't working. Everything else in the pc is working perfectly. Even the front panel USB plugs are working just fine. I have the Shinobi Case from Bitfenix and it came with two connectors for the front panel audio. HD Audio and AC'97. On my motherboard, MSI H270M Bazooka, there is only one place where i can plug these in. Both connectors have same pin pattern and i've read that it's normal to just plug one of them in. So i tried both and in both cases it didn't work. Neither the audio jack nor the mic jack. The case itself has 2 LED's for these front jacks. The mic LED is blue and the audio blinks red. Unfortunately the manual for the case doesn't say anything about that. Here is a picture so you know how i plugged it in.


Also you can see a yellow light above the plug. That is the only place where it is yellow and i guess that means it doesn't work. Is this a motherboard error or a case error? How can i adress the problem?
I think you are mistaken with the LED on your case. The blue led is the power LED indicating whether your system is on or not. and the red is for hard driver activity. The yellow led is just aesthetics on the motherboard.
You should use the HD audio plug, try plugging it in again. Make sure you also install your motherboard drivers as well.

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