Why aren't there many Alien themed fps games ?

Feb 12, 2022
Just Crysis and Halo, why doesn't this genre (fiction) get much attention from game companies when there is so much potential ? Also Crysis and Gears of war aren't much interesting to play and also BS from creativity point of view.
I mean the good ones like Halo. Also read the title, it says First person Shooter.
Well with that criterium there aren't many games in any category.
If you only like two of all the available games then that's that, what are we gonna do about it?!
You talked about attention to the genre and they linked you a whole list, so there is plenty of attention you just don't like most of them...which is completely understandable.
The aliens are still to be added, but Star Citizen has an alien theme (both ship and infantry combat, first person):
Oct 5, 2022
I agree. This, unfortunately, is extremely underdeveloped right now. However, I think that soon the game companies will rub their eyes and see the potential in this. They know how to do it.


Mar 31, 2014
Killzone is another one. Albeit KZ2 is arguably the only good Killzone game, and the "aliens" are basically just grey humans from another planet more or less.

To answer your question though, I'm not sure. You would think there would be more, as most cliches are done over and over again, especially in the gaming industry.
Though perhaps companies had just came to the conclusion that they couldn't compete with Halo, at least when Halo was big as it was. Now that 343 killed the Halo franchise, it could easily be overtaken.

What I would personally like to see is a great quality game, either 1st or 3rd person, that allows you to be a cop in a gta-like world. This hasn't been done since True Crime and that company is no longer existing. Sleeping Dogs was a spiritual successor, but it wasn't as fun being undercover and having lack-luster driving physics. I think Rockstar would benefit from a gta spin-off where you play as the police for once. I really do miss True Crime...