Why buy a mid size case??


Jun 3, 2004
Maybe someone can help me figure this one out. I don't understand why you would buy a small or mid-sized case?? If we are worried about temp shouldn't we just be buying the biggest one possible?? Provided it still fits in the space required??


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My case sits on my desk with a phone on top. If it were a full tower, that would be extremely inconvenient for hanging up the phone.

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My case sits on top of my desk, underneath the stairs to the loft, any bigger and it would not fit.

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Dec 8, 2002
Mid towers seem to be the ones that will contain enough of what most people want in their machine...not to mention all the "cool" looking models. Full towers are more buisiness and plain looking as a rule.

My house doesn't have any stairs and I use a cordless phone so I got a full tower sitting on my desk partitioning my office into two cubicles...

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Air flow is more important than the size of the case. A small case with good air flow is better than a larger case with bad air flow. The bigger cases just allow you to add in more components: hard drives, rom drives, fan controllers, etc.
Not to mention in a larger case there is more air that must be exchanged. That would mean more fans, larger fans, or faster fans which would all increase the noise level.
Get a case that will do what you need it to do and be happy.


Jun 16, 2002
For people who regularly visit LAN events bigger cases are much more awkward and generally much heavier, so smaller cases can be much more useful.


A well designed mid-tower can hold more than enough hardware for an enthusists need for speed.

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Feb 5, 2002
this post just seems stupid..... that's like asking, why on earth would you purchase a LAPTOP..lol

it's comon sense why people want small things, not only does it not look like you have the empire state building on your desk, not everyone has 10 HDS and 5 CDROMS..... some people like myself have computers with 1 CDROM DRIVE and 1 HD... and there's no need to waste money on a case that has like 4 more empty 5 1/4 bays..it's a waste of money.....

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