Why cant I rotate my screen?


Feb 16, 2012
I have Vista. My office has their LCD Projectore mounted upside down, so in order for it to display correctly, I need to flip the screen on my acer upside down. I've done it before, but I'll be friggin dam*ed if I can't figure out how the hell I did it. The "short key" approach doesn't work (i.e. ctrl + alt + arrow(s)). I've googled, dug through every preference/settings/etc function I can find, and can't seem to find how to do it. All the How-To instructions I can find online give very detailed instructions, but I don't seem to have the options/links/tabs on whatever given screen I'm supposed to. If it's dependent on a "video card" that I may--or may not--have installed, I probably couldn't tell you what I have. Anyway...all I know is that I have an Acer laptop; I have Vista; and I want to flip my flippin screen ;). It can be done, b/c I did it. But I was too dumb to remember what I did. I'm offering $8 Millions dollars in fake, non-existing, ghost-dollars to anyone who can help me. Thanks.