Question Why can't my laptop/GPU handle this?

Mar 20, 2020
So I have a Xidax custom built laptop with the hardware listed below. First, I know this isn't a ultimate build but I'm just having some troubles. I can run GTA5 on pretty high settings and not have issues, but now i'm trying to play F1 2019, and even on the lowest settings, it gets laggy at times. I realize it's not the strongest of video cards, but can't even run F1 on the lowest?!? What's weird is that sometimes it's great and sometimes it's terrible, unplayable. I don't think it's temperature related, but I dunno.

i7-8750H 2.2Ghz (core speed 3.8GHz)
16Gb DDR4 ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 4GB GDR5
Main harddrive is the .M2 (OS intalled) and secondary drive is an SSD (game installed)

Do you think that my laptop is really too weak to even run F1 at the lowest settings?!?
I think what's most odd, is that it's so intermittent. It'll run perfect on graphics High, but then later it'll get laggy and I'll reduce settings to Ultra-low and nothing fixes it.

Any advice (other than buy a new computer)?
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You are doing this on wall power, power mode set to high in power manager and BIOS?

If you think it's overheating, without just guessing you need to install a monitoring program like HWMonitor and check the temps while gaming. If the CPU or video card go into the 90+ degree range that is getting a bit too hot.