Why did AMD create a new CPU cooler mounting system?


Apr 6, 2017
I really love Ryzen and rearly everything about it, but I still don't get why AMD introduced the new CPU cooler mounting system for the AM4 socket instead of sticking with the AM3+ one which Asus has proven to be working just fine on their "Crosshair VI Hero" Mainboard.
Because some person made a decision (in the end it comes down to money somewhere for someone)

It could have been the engineer was bored and wanted to justify there paycheck to make small changes

It could have been decided that it would save money for the motherboard makers

It could have been the cpu cooler makers paid amd, as they benefit from having to sell a new cooler due to the small change.

It could have been necessary for some small reason that we shall never know

It could have been they just roll of a dice to make the decision

I do believe that motherboard manufactures have the final say in what support bracket is put on there motherboard because in the end they could leave it off all together just have the four holes and let the cooler makers provide all the support brackets. As in the end all the motherboard has to have is a physical way to connect to the amd cpu. They just use amds specs because they don't feel like doing custom stuff.

But the decision was made and that's life.


Mar 30, 2012
I think the change was the mounting distance/spacing for some coolers that use screw in/pin mounts? No? The boards I have seen still have the same bracket mounting as my AM3+ board and I am fairly certain that I won't need a new cooler or modified mounting device. If I am wrong, then so be it. Check again, you might have to dig through a lot of forums on board maker sites and look for posted pics.
According to AMD the justification was that there are more leads to CPU on the MB and would be impossible to keep old spread but there is at least one Asus MB that has holes for both, old and new cooler. Difference is only few mm, holes are almost touching. There is scramble at main CPU cooler manufacturers to make kits to adapt so we can use old coolers. I'm on waiting list at Cooler Master to send me kit for my CM Nepton 140XL, promised to send me one free of charge some time in April. Check the manufacturer for your coolers to see about it. I'm not in a hurry because I'm waiting for R5 1600x but in mean time I would use OEM one, some OC is even possible with them.


Jun 8, 2016
There are more traces from the CPU now (1331 for AM4) For the motherboard traces to maintain the same current capacity (width), the mounting holes are inevitably moved slightly further from the CPU to accomodate the increased trace count.