Question Why did my computer stop being able to see wifi networks + other problem?

Aug 29, 2020
So i was on my computer watching a stream on twitch and my computer randomly rebooted (it does this once in a while idk why) I had just rebooted it myself, got into a stream then all of a sudden it goes to a lenovo screen (the one that it shows when its booting up) and when it finished booting up it showed disconnected from the internet, so when I looked it wasnt showing any wifi networks at all, it just was showing the link to the network and internet setting. And it kept showing me that the only way to connect was via ethernet cable.

I tried rebooting, didnt work, tried trouble shooting and it said I needed to connect via ether net, and it doesnt show anything wireless internet wise in the drivers.

I connected it with an ethernet cable but now it won't open Chrome, and when i try Edge it says it stopped working before it even opens.

I've tried restoring to a previous date, I've tried updating I did a network reset on the computer, didnt work, I just can't figure out what the problem is.

My computer is a lenovo H535 and has windows 10 on it.