Why did my internet suddenly stop working?


Dec 22, 2011
I bought a gaming computer, but the router/modem sits far away from my room, so we got a repeater so I could have internet in my room as well as in our backyard. However, as soon as we hooked up the repeater, our internet crashed. My modem works, as I connected to it right now, but the router is not. Every time I connect the router to the modem, I don't get any blinking on the reactivity, and my router's light turns orange. When it is all hooked up, including the repeater, the modem and router are solid orange, but the repeater is green and transmitting signal. When I try to connect on any computer, it just fails. I really want to play my steam games etc on my new pc, but I need this resolved. What should I do to solve this issue?
What kind of repeater did you get?

Right now, modem alone works, model with router, wired or wireless does not work? Try power cycling the modem, wait 5 mins, power cycle the router, wait 5 mins. Connect a computer to the router using an ethernet cable, go into the configuration page and see what it states the WAN port settings are. See if the PC on the router will connect to the internet.

Then check the wireless settings on the router if that's the type of repeater you got, see if it works with just the router's WiFi.