Question why do all windows on my second monitor shift to the right, while I am ingame on my main monitor?


Feb 2, 2019
Hello everyone,

whenever I am playing a game on my main monitor, and I have something open on my second monitor, everything moves a bit to the right (on my second monitor, but also windows that are open on my main monitor move the same distance to the right, so they are displayed on the second monitor). I think this only applies to games I am playing in a lower resolution then the recommended resolution (for example when playing Destiny 2 with 2560 * 1080 resolution) .

I have an AOC U34G2G1 (3440 * 1440, 100hz) and a Samsung S24F350 (1920*1080, 60hz).
Graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060.

Thanks in advance :)

Oh I forgot to add this: AOC monitor is conneced to my laptop with a mini-DP, Samsung monitor is connected via HDMI.


You have 2 different resolutions. 1440p is an aspect of HD, 720p, and 1080p is a different aspect at FHD. You'd not have these issues if using 4k and 1080p, as both are an aspect of 1080p.

In windows, you have the desktop extended, so windows is automatically adjusting the aspects according to monitor, as a single unit. By playing a game, in fullscreen which uses OpenGL, not Windows, windows now has to adjust aspects of 3 things not 1. The OpenGL, the primary monitor and the secondary monitor. They are effectively seperate, not extended. Which creates the shift. Using Windowed Fullscreen uses DirectX, not OpenGL, so is native to windows and part of windows use, no shift.

So as @hotaru.hino said, you'll need to go into the settings and adjust the outputs to maintain aspect ratio as pertaining to seperate monitor use, not part of windows extended.