Question Why do I always get a BIOS Splash Screen freeze every time my pc loses power

Aug 12, 2021
I've having this weird problem where every time my power goes out or when I unplug the pc to move it, it gets stuck on the bios splash screen when I turn it on again. Usually how I would fix it, is using a various of methods such as turning my pc on and off repeatedly, doing a power drain, and unplugging all the connected usb on my pc. For some reason that would eventually get my pc past the bios screen but it's annoying because the amount of tries it takes for it to finally boots up to windows seems to be at random so I might be lucky and have it boot up on my first try or I'm sitting at my computer for 2 hours on my 20th try. Is there any way I can prevent this on the software side? Or is this a hardware issue like the motherboard because it's something that's constantly a problem when my house has a power out and makes me reluctant in case I need to move it or do some quick hardware maintenance like cleaning. Also I think turning your pc on and off repeatedly is not exactly a healthy practice. If I can't prevent this BIOS splash screen freeze, is there some methods that I haven't mentioned that might get me past it a bit more consistently?

A couple of other things to note
  • I shutdown my pc ever night but that doesn't usually cause a problem, it only happens when my pc completely loses access to power. I thought that maybe fast startup might've been the problem but I found out that I don't even have that enabled.
  • Sometimes during my troubleshoot, I would get on the windows need repair screen which usually tells me it failed to boot to a harddrive (windows is installed on my m.2 ssd)


Apr 1, 2013
I had a weird problem like that on my old Dell computer. The bios screen would pop up on start up and I couldn't get it to Windows. I never solved the problem. I remember changing the keyboard and that made it boot up to the log in.