Question Why Do I Get Black Screens When I Play Games??

Dec 30, 2020
I recent just built my first PC. When I try to play any type of games with it I have an issue where my monitors will go black (no mouseinput/pointer) my Keyboard and Mouse RGB lights will flicker off then back on, the sounds that come out of my headphones will have a buzzing effect, I the lights coming from my fans inside the case will stay light then the tower will seem to restart itself but never actually produce any type of display on my screens. The only thing that will help is restarting the PC but that will only help and give me about 30 mins of screen time before the issue continues.

My Build:
Ryzen 7 2700x
MSI AMD Rx 5700xt
16GB Ram (3000hz)
500gb SSD
Tomahawk b450 Max
700W Corsair PSU

Steps Ive Taken:
Ive tried another PSU that was rated at the same Wattage and the problem still was there
I tried using different driver versions (using DDU to uninstall the previous drivers before installing a different verison)
Ive stress tested my CPU and GPU separately.

Anyone got any tips?