Question Why do I get constant internet disconnection?

Apr 6, 2019
My internet is crazy weird this might be long

Firstly internet has so many possible ways of crashing if anyone connects to the internet it crashes, so basically if someone enters the house and reconnects it crashes, and also if anyone uses youtube in this case it's me and my brother it crashes.

Secondly myPc. I feel like I'm the one mostly suffering. Why? Well it's because my brother says he gets none of the problems I get while playing.
My Wireless internet has gone through many stages
First stage was 5-10 second connection drop outs
When I play any online games everyone stops and freeze for 5-10 seconds and everything that happened in that time happens in a millisecond so it's really frustrating in competitive gaming.
This stage has happened for like 3 months

Then there was stage 2... I've noticed that I don't get those small connection time outs which was great but I did notice that once in a while the internet would perma die only for me
I was without any internet until I found the solution to counter act the problem which was disconnecting and reconnecting the wireless adapter for the internet which would turn it back on
So I could be surfing the web and it stops working so I do the routine and there ya go. I could also just lay in bed and it perma turns off in the next few mins
It does sound bad but I'd prefer this then those obnoxious 5-10 second drops outs because these perma dies would rarely happen while playing

Until this weekend Stage 3... I've noticed that stage 1 and 2 have combined to make the most obnoxious wireless internet connection I can't even play competitive gaming without being disconnected or dropped out for 5-10 seconds which can completely throw the game

Yes I have bought another usb slot and yes I have bought another adapter, and no Ethernet didn't help either, and turning off the option for saving power for this device didn't help

Does anyone have a solution to this or experience this themselves


Jan 29, 2008
If no one else is experiencing these issues, I would say

  1. Your wireless adapter is on the edge of burning out. (Unlikely unless your 2nd NIC you bought is also on edge of burning out)
  2. You're on the edge of the reception zone (Possible if you use two cheap nics)
  3. You are near some large metal object or microwave.
Grab WifiAnalyzer by VREM software on google play and install it. It's open source and free. Put your phone near the antenna and watch the signal strength monitor as someone else connects. Larger negative numbers are WORSE.