Question Why do i getting Blue Screen of Death

Jan 28, 2022
When i try format my local disk e: i click on start and it dies (blue screen of death) and i dont know what to do and resetted my pc today


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what code is it giving you? there are over 290 BSOD codes so it helps to be specific
what are details of your PC?

have you updated all drivers since you reset PC today?

Can you follow option one on the following link - here - and then do this step below: Small memory dumps - Have Windows Create a Small Memory Dump (Minidump) on BSOD - that creates a file in c windows/minidump after the next BSOD

  1. Open Windows File Explore
  2. Navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump
  3. Copy the mini-dump files out onto your Desktop
  4. Do not use Winzip, use the built in facility in Windows
  5. Select those files on your Desktop, right click them and choose 'Send to' - Compressed (zipped) folder
  6. Upload the zip file to the Cloud (OneDrive, DropBox . . . etc.)
  7. Then post a link here to the zip file, so we can take a look for you . . .
if this is win 10, can you right click start
choose disk management
expand the next window to show details of top and bottom areas
take a screenshot and upload it to imgur, show link here.

helps to know E drive doesn't have any parts of windows on it now.


I ran the dump files through the debugger and got the following information: This link is for anyone wanting to help. You do not have to view it. It is safe to "run the fiddle" as the page asks.
File information:012822-50984-01.dmp (Jan 28 2022 - 06:38:10)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process running at time of crash: System)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 12 Min(s), and 46 Sec(s)

File information:012822-45671-01.dmp (Jan 28 2022 - 07:24:49)
Driver warnings:*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process running at time of crash: chrome.exe)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 13 Min(s), and 27 Sec(s)
The nvlddmkm.sys file is a NVIDIA graphics card driver. There are a few things you can do to fix this problem. First off, try a full uninstall using DDU in Safe Mode then re-install the driver (more information). Or try getting the latest version of the driver. Or try one of the 3 most recent drivers released by NVIDIA. Drivers can be found here: or you can allow Windows Update to download the driver for you, which might be a older/better version.

Possible Motherboard page:
You have the latest stable BIOS already installed, version F2.

This information can be used by others to help you. Someone else will post with more information. Please wait for additional answers. Good luck.


Win 11 Master
When i try format my local disk e: i click on start and it dies (blue screen of death) and i dont know what to do and resetted my pc today
both of those crashes look the same. Neither appear to relate to a drive though. Are these after the reset?
what GPU do you have?

finding drivers to run with that motherboard would be fun. I see newest on website are Win 7.
Nvidia don't even support that motherboard chipset anymore. its possible windows 10 doesn't have any drivers for it.