Question Why do i sound like a chipmunk?

Jul 7, 2022
I just changed my motherboard (b450 tomahawk II to a b550 tomahawk) and changed my case for a corsair 4000d airflow.
The sound I hear is perfect (from games, videos or friends), but all of a sudden, I sound like a chipmunk and have a lot of distortion whenever i speak. it doesn't come from my headset because it worked perfectly with the former case and motherboard.
Anyone knows what it could be?


Motherboards are not created equal. They'll use different chipsets for things. Some use Renasus, some use AsMedia or Marvell, Intel or Samsung or Realistic etc. With just moving the ssd over to the new board, the registry is saying to use one set of drivers for the chipset, the chipset is objecting because it's competitor drivers, so windows applies a generic solution to the issue.

What you end up with us a thousand conflicts per second that windows has to deal with, and everyone knows windows doesn't deal with conflict very well at all. So you end up sounding like a chipmunk.

Reinstalling windows wipes out the old registry, goes and finds all the new chipsets, drivers, connections, links, equipment and components that you actually have, no more conflicts.