Question Why do people say RTX 2060 cannot handle 1080p with Ray Tracing?

While this thread is more than a month old, I should probably point out that they are not actually running the game at 1080p resolution. They have DLSS enabled, which is effectively a method of upscaling the image from a lower resolution, with a loss in quality compared to native rendering. Skimming through the video, even with DLSS active I noticed the frame rate hovering in the 50s during certain combat segments, and dipping into the mid-40s at one point when NPCs were nearby. At native 1080p, the frame rate would undoubtedly be in the 40s and 50s more often, and possibly lower at times.
BFV runs fine for me when using Ray Tracing and DLSS w/ 1080P setting on my HTPC. According to FPS counter for Origin, usually floats in mid 50's range when paired with 2700X(stock) and 16GB RAM. LIke mentioned though, it's being upscaled to 1080P by using DLSS and still dips on occasion. Haven't tried other RTX capable games on this PC though.
There is a video on YouTube where someone is playing Metro Exodus with Ray Tracing on, Ultra Settings, above 60FPS at 1080p with a RTX 2060+I58400. Why then are people saying the RTX cannot handle handle Ray tracing?
if you look at the beginning of the video (which shows what setting being used) DLSS are being turn on. this what improve the performance quite significantly (with the cost of image quality though i heard some of the new DLSS profiles already improve the image quality). ray tracing will be very demanding for cards like 2060. this is no different than the early days of tessellation. you want tessellation than prepare for cards like 5870 or GTX480 which is the fastest at the time.


Let's clarify something here.

Ray tracing isn't a standard across all games.

it's simply a method of rendering.

What kind of rendering as well as the rendering of what specifically will differ between games and currently does.

For example, BFV uses ray tracing to do reflections.
But Metro uses raytracing for global lighting.
And SotTR uses it for more specific lighting effects in only certain situations I believe.

These are different things that it's being used for and they have different and quite varying levels of processing intensity and thusly will have varying levels of impact to overall performance in their games and that is why (even with DLSS) ray tracing in BFV offers different performance than ray tracing in Metro.