Why do the forum pages stop at number 5?


Jul 2, 2019
I need more clarity. If you are on the main page of this very forum, as of a few seconds ago, there are 142 pages listed at the bottom, with 1 through 5 showing, with the elipsis [. . .], followed by 142.

If I keep hitting the Next button that's to the right of 142, I move from page 1 to 2, and so on, and flow into pages 6 and later with no issue. If I click on 142, I'm immediately taken to the very end, with posts dating from 2005, with 141, 140, etc. shown to the left.

It is often the case on the more active forums that there can easily be 5 pages of content on any single day, but that won't be the case on the slow ones. You should, however, not be forbidden from transitioning through the totality of the available pages.

Page 5 of this forum shows as its first topic one that dates from February of this year.

If this is not the case for you, the first thing I'd recommend is clearing your browser cache, as browser cache corruption can result in all sorts of inexplicable behavior.


@Johnny5, this is another issue ^^^^ that was mentioned quite a while back. The "New posts" listings don't go beyond 5 pages, for no discernible reason. I fear it got lost in the shuffle of ten thousand other issues that have been getting worked out but it's probably something to raise with the devs and see if we can get sorted out. I think there are some other categorical listings that are similarly limited, but really shouldn't be.


Yeah, that was what I was trying to say. No elipses after the 5th page. I should have posted a screenshot for explanation. Here is what it looked like s few minutes ago.

(For some reason, now I can't post pics)

mod edit... worked for me
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Good pickup on that, shows how rarely I use that page

how about adding more pages to every Most answers/Ever page of every trophy? Note everyone is in top 20 :)
How about saying somewhere on every trophy page how many Best Answers you actually have instead of relying on a dumb snake that has no hover over value.
I could go on... I have many suggestions... they know :)