Question Why Does Microsoft Keep Changing The ' Original Creation Date ' On My Folders? I'm Just Sick Of This!


Sep 22, 2016
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. I hope everyone is staying safe and well from this coronavirus mess

I've been a longtime Microsoft OneDrive user and paying customer going all the wayback to the original days of SkyDrive

I have had a huge issue and problem with Microsoft changing the ' Original Creation Date ' on some of my folders without my permission or consent. I've contacted Microsoft OneDrive Support hundreds of times with absolutely no resolution or help to resolve my issue. All I get is excuse after excuse after excuse from Microsoft OneDrive Support, they are absolutely no help at all whatsoever. I don't understand why Microsoft has a support for OneDrive when they don't help or want to resolve the issue

Let me give a little background, back in December of 2018 all of the Microsoft Office products including Hotmail and OneDrive was down for a day or so. I forgot the reason Microsoft gave into why all of the Microsoft Office products were down. They announced they were installing a patch to get the services back up and running. That is when the issue started arising of the ' Original Creation Date ' changing on folders without me doing anything

I don't edit, delete, or move anything at all whatsoever and all of the sudden, when I come out of the folder, Microsoft has changed the ' Original Creation Date ' on my folders

I know for a fact, I'm not the only person that has this problem or issue with Microsoft changing the ' Original Creation Date ' on folders without permission or consent. I've seen other people complain about this same exact issue and yet Microsoft does absolutely nothing to fix this issue and glitch with OneDrive. I know I'm really sick of it and fed up and tired of Microsoft changing my ' Original Creation Date ' without my permission or consent

I have O.C.D., I know it may not be a big deal to others but it is for me. I have O.C.D. so when Microsoft changes the ' Original Creation Date ' on my folders, it messes with me and throws my vibe and attitude off because I'm accustomed to seeing and wanting my ' Original Creation Date ' to remain as is

Does anyone else in this forum have this same issue and problem with Microsoft changing the ' Original Creation Date ' on folders without there permission or consent
Why is this so important? What's important is "Modified" date, I could care less about "Creation" - once you copy a file or folder around, "Creation" becomes today date.

Option one: If you are using free OneDrive, take it or leave it.
Option two: If you're paying customer, vote with your wallet, and move elsewhere.

Either way - you are not going to change (immediately) this "feature".