Why does my computer screen flicker?


Jun 25, 2014
Got a new computer. It's an Intel i5 Quad-core with a Nvidia GTX 760 and 8gb of RAM. It's using an HDMI connection to an RCA TV as the display (1080p 60hz output). Was working fine when I first got it a couple of days ago, but starting today it is having issues with the display.

The screen will lose signal for less than a second periodically. It happens at totally random times sometimes a few minutes apart, other times only a few seconds apart. It seems to only start happening when the computer is playing a game. However, resource monitor shows that nothing is working very hard (everything working well under 50%). It's a high-airflow case and the air coming out of the case is cool, so I don't think that overheating in the cause. The issue starts after a little bit of gameplay, but even after I stop the game, it will continue to do this when on my desktop.

Have tried swapping the HDMI cable, plugging into a different HDMI port and reinstalling the graphics driver, but none of those helped. Don't have a second screen to try.

Any ideas or suggestions?

PC Tailor

To be fair my thought process would be this (different options):

1) Reinstall drivers (which you say you've already done)

2) Change cable (which you say you've already done)

3) Run on integrated graphics if you have it - if problem goes away, then the GPU is faulty (drivers or hardware)

4) Change monitor - if problem goes away, replace monitor

5) Change GPU - if problem goes away, then the GPU is faulty (drivers or hardware)

To be fair, in my opinion, the next best thing to do is to try a second monitor. I know you've mentioned you don't have one, but the common causes of flickering is Drivers, bad cable, bad monitor, bad GPU. So I say it needs to checked unfortunately.