Question Why does my computer start "freezing" so much?


Sep 13, 2017
So to give you a little more detail, when I try to run a Minecraft Server dedicating 2.5gb of my ram on it, playing minecraft with a whopping 2.5 gb dedicated to it, and talking to my friends on discord. My pc seems to start having trouble running. First and most prominent, the voices of the people who I am talking on discord with seem to randomly cut out before they can finish a sentence. And All the RGB lighting on my desk like literally starts lagging (freezing)

And finally Minecraft starts freezing and stuttering a ton (every 5-15 seconds)

So I don't know if its the amount of Ram I currently have installed on this setup or if it's another hardware related issue, but I want some confirmation before I go out buying parts.

CPU: Core i7-6800k 3.40GHz

RAM: 2x8GB Kit 16GB DDR4 Memory Running at 3000Mhz PC4-24000

GPU: GTX 1080 (Which I'm pretty sure has something wrong with it lmao)

PSU: 860 Watt Power Supply


Which 860W PSU brand and model is it?

How hot is your CPU and GPU getting while this happens?

Check your RAMfor problems with usb autoinstaller

check your hard drive for problems with its manufacturer´s tool