[SOLVED] Why does my cpu 100Degres Celcius When idle


Feb 3, 2019
Hello , I have some issues with my I7 8700K It Goes to 100 Degres Celcius When idle , I d´ont Know what to do , First i Tought it was the OC but i removed it and nothing changed.
I do need some help :/ (it sometimes happen when playing , Destiny 2 is Accelerating the Overheating) When overheating my Cpu Goes to 100%Usage But im Idle.

Here you have my PC specs :
CPU: I7 8700K (V = 1.272) (Core Speed = 4.7Ghz Same for the cache)
CPU Cooler: COOLER MASTER 240ML (Watercooling)
GPU : Gtx 1080 8G (Gigabyte WindForce)
MotherBoard: Aorus Z390 Ultra
Ram : 2x8GB 4266Mhz G.skill
Alimentation : Thermaltake 700W
Must be something wrong with your cooler or thermal paste.. Maybe reapplying the thermal paste and the cooler will result in better contact, which will result in better thermals due to higher conductivity.