4.2GHz turbo boost.
It should be running at 4Ghz on all cores when it's fully loaded. If it's doing that then it's fine. I found my Intel chip undercut Intel's official TDP. Also what load your running will have an impact, if you run an AVX2 stress test then it will consume more power. Not sure if your AIDA64 is doing that.
It's also not clear to me if the 44.77W is the current package power or the maximum it reached during the test.
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Feb 14, 2022
haha, so it's your laptop right?
The laptop gives a power cap of 45 Watt (Limited power budget due to thermal limitation).

So the Intel's spec is 65W, but computer makers will give another limitation due to thermal limitation.
So does it applies to GPU also, like my 1650 Super is rated at 100Watts but only reaches 85watts in most gaming?
Nope. I have yet to see GPU specification that would list TDP - and the reason for that is it comes with its own cooling so TDP is irrelevant. It would be meaningful only for those models that are made for custom water-cooling loop (as they don't include cooler).
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