Question Why does my CPU temp crank up so high in the BIOS?

May 8, 2020
Hey,i got a i3 540 (2 Cores,4 logical processors,4 threads) on a DH55PJ Motherboard.
As you can see,the BIOS is next to ancient.
It has been working fully stable till now.
Today ,i just went to check my CPU's Temp in the BIOS,and it starts from 70°C and gradually (in about 3 min) cranks up to 93°C.It shows Cpu's Core Temp.

The CPU dosent shut down or anything,but the fan is boosted(Atleast thats what the BIOS shows.

When i boot into win7,the Cpu performs perfectly,and using a hardware monitoring software,it shows the CPU is running at core 1 temp 48°C and core 2 temp. 51°C.

It think the BIOS may be faulty,but is this the case?

I have just tried overclocking it a bit,but returned it to Stock settings.

I removed the fan too today,adding a bit of thermal paste,but the thing remains same....
Have you checked the temps under load? Use HWInfo64 for temps, and use a synthetic benchmark like Prime95 or AIDA64 to put a 100% load on the CPU, then check temps. More than 85C can be said to be too high, and 90C or more can damage the CPU's lifespan, though I wouldn't really worry about that considering it's already a 10 year old CPU at this point.
Wait, you didn't have thermal paste installed before? Regardless, do get a fresh application of thermal paste in there, might solve the issue. When reinstalling the cooler, make sure it's completely fixed in place, cannot move at all in any direction.


Yes, but try to get some good paste. There's a lot of cheap, no-brand stuff out there that might as well put ketchup in a tube and sell it as thermal paste.
You are exaggerating. From best to worst excluding toothpaste, there is only a ~20% difference.

There is no point in worrying about thermal paste quality unless you are aiming for substantial OC. For someone only looking for stock clocks, cheap pastes which are typically based on zinc or aluminum oxide powder in silicon base oil is best as the paste itself is chemically inert and will last 20+ years when left undisturbed.