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Question Why does my external HDD perform better when it's being analysed for defragmenting?


Dec 3, 2014
I have a 2TB Toshiba external HDD, and a couple of days ago it suddenly stopped performing well. Video games installed on it would lag, and it took a long time to open and seek a video file (.mkv).

At first, I thought maybe my main HDD was messed up. But then I tried moving the game to a different HDD, and it worked fine.

Then, I tried defragmenting my external HDD. While it was being analysed for defragmenting, I noticed that it became smoother when I opened and seek video files. The same thing also happened while it was in the middle of defragmenting.

But, as soon as it was done analysing and defragmenting, it started to lag again.

Anybody have any idea why? And what can be a possible solution?