Question Why does my game stutter

Jan 10, 2020
Pc specs :-
Gpu: gtx 750 ti
Cpu: pentium g3220
Ram: hynix 4gb 1333mhz

Whenever I play fortnite my fps are around 90fps @ 1280×1024 resolution and everything low exept view distance (high)but the problem is my game freezes for like 2-3 second but rest the game runs smooth
Can anyone suggest me what should I upgrade is it ram or gpu. I can't upgrade my cpu coz there is no considerable cpu that supports my mobo

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Jan 10, 2020
what the gpu/cpu/ram usage during the game? cpu/gpu temp during the game?
My ram usage is around 3.5 gb
For my cpu and gpu they vary sometimes from 70% to 99% I mean they are just normal

Cpu: 50° to 65°
Gpu: around 65°
But the thing is I live in India so even idle temperature is about 35° in winters and 42° in summers
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What is the make/model of your motherboard?
There are a number of stronger processors available as upgrades to any motherboard that supports a

What is your temperature at idle?
I expect to see 10-15c. over ambient at idle.
42c. = 107f. Ouch!!

My guess is that it is your cpu that is holding you back.
If it gets hot enough to throttle, (100c.) you will run at very low performance until the cpu cools enough to allow resumption of full capability.
Then also, having only two cores does not help.

Possibly your cpu cooler has come loose and needs to be remounted.

How is your case ventilation?
Any cooler needs a good supply of fresh air to do its job.
If you take the case covers off and direct a house fan at the innards, does that help?

Do you have a budget for an upgrade?