Question Why does my GPU frequently disregard aspect ratio and scaling settings?


Jun 13, 2015
So I've never seen an answer for this and it's an issue I have seen in windows through multiple generations of graphics cards, monitor aspect ratios and versions of windows. Basically, there are tons of games out there that never seem to scale to the proper aspect ratio no matter what settings you play with. What is the deal with this and is there some solution I am missing?

Most common occurrence for me is that I currently run a 21:9 ultrawide monitor, which means many games are ideally set for 16:9 and should run with black bars on the side. However, there are a large number of games with will just stretch to fill the entire 21:9 screen no matter what resolution I set and no matter what settings I change in my Nvidia Control Panel under "Adjust Desktop Size and Position." I have also tried to play with the compatibility settings in most of these games to change scaling options. For many games, nothing whatsoever seems to make a difference. This is more prevalent in older games, but even more recent ones have the issue. I've also tried using a driver removal tool. I've seen tips for individual games that all involve taking some of the above steps and most do not ever work. As I said, this has been an issue forever, over several generations of graphics cards and Windows and it has come up on older 16:9 monitors, as well.

Any tips for fixing this in general? I would ask as to specific programs but it seems like such a widespread issue that the true problem would be something more general.