Question Why does my GPU stay at 100% when in idle?


May 16, 2018
This started happening after i reinstalled my Windows 10 (Education).
I am using a GTX 1060 6GB (mobile) and my laptop model is ASUS GL703VM.

Basically, the GPU's frequency stays at 1405MHz(which is the maximum) and the memory stays at the max possible frequency (4007MHz) regardless of what i do, even if i let it idle for one hour, it never drops.

This causes more issues:
  1. The fans are always running on 100% power giving off a lot of noise.
  2. The temperatures never drop under 75 degrees Celsius (yes, in idle, compared to 60 which would be normal).
  3. If i want to use it on battery, its life is cut down into half.
The only solution i found was to reinstall the driver, choose custom and then select the ability to perform a clean installation.
This is beyond annoying, because it reverts to having the issue again after a few days. I noticed that when it reverts to the troubled state, in the NVIDIA Control Panel, the Power Management Mode switches to "Prefer maximum performance from "Optimal Power" automatically. Switching it back to "Optimal Power" doesn't help at all.
Edit: In this problematic state, switching to "Optimal Power" only lasts until a restart. Then it becomes "Prefer maximum performance" again.

I checked what apps are using the GPU and it seems like there are only Microsoft apps (that shouldn't be running in the background, but they do and it seems to be a known issue) that do not cause a problem when the driver works properly.

Any suggestion on how to solve this problem is greatly appreciated. I will probably erase the drive again and reinstall everything, but i'm trying to delay this because it's quite time consuming.

Thank you!