Question Why does my GPU usage drop so often?


Oct 25, 2015
So I've been dealing with this problem for a few months now. After being on my computer for a while and playing games, I start getting these massive frame drops frequently that can last several seconds. The drops happen around once every minute, sometimes less. I thought it was a bad GPU at first, so I got rid of my 1070 and got a 2060 super, however, my problem still persists. I've tried about every option I've seen online from watching temps to changing the windows power settings, but nothing works. I have run PCMatic multiple times and there were no viruses, and the junk files have been cleaned up.

It seems fine when I first turn on my computer, but after a few hours of just running in general, these massive frame drops start to happen. It lasts even less time if I'm playing games that day. Even as I have typed this post, my computer has frozen up on me a few times.

Here is every part of my computer:

This is what MSI Afterburner showed for about 15 minutes of playing Dying Light: