Question Why does my Linksys EA7500 keep disconnecting?


Apr 23, 2010
For almost a week my Linksys EA7500 Router keeps losing connection, even though my modem is fully connected.

I haven't changed anything on my end.

Spectrum did recently increase my service speed. But this problem started before that change. Spectrum also claims my current modem isn't "optimized" for my current speed.
I have this Cable Modem provided by Spectrum.

The EA7500 reconnects if I unplug my modem. Once the modem loads up and gets reconnected the EA7500 will soon after reconnect.

How do I fix this issue? Is it EA7500, Cable Modem, both, or something else causing this problem?

If it is the modem should I get another modem from Spectrum, which should I get? Or should I use my own? I do have a brand new ARRIS SURFboard SB6190.

I only have 4 devices "connected" to my router. While 2 devices are connected wireless when used.

Cable internet (coax) into cable modem
Cable modem (cat6) into Linksys EA7500
Linksys EA7500 line1 (cat6) to Win10 PC
Linksys EA7500 line2 (cat6) to SamSung Smart TV
Linksys EA7500 line3 (cat6) to TP PowerLink (wall outlet) [send]
TP PowerLink (wall outlet) [receive] line1 (cat6) Amazon Fire TV
TP PowerLink (wall outlet) [receive] line2 (cat6) Roku

My internet speed is fine when everything is connected. What is causing this issue? How do I fix it?
You have to test more systematically to see what is going down. I would not replace the modem until after you find the problem. Adding a new modem to the mix will make things even more confusing.

The first test would be to plug a pc directly into the modem. You will likely have to reboot the modem and then plug your pc in. The modem tend to lock to the first device they see.

If this is stable then it is likely some issue with the router.

You might have error messages in the modem log if there is a actual problem with the connection to your house.