Why does my modem and router need to be in the garage?


Nov 22, 2012
ok i have comcast and one day our router didn't put out a signal so we called them up and asked for it to be replaced. so now they say "oh it should be connected directly to the modem in the garage. Now i odnt know much about routers and modems but why the heck did he stick them both in the far corner of the garage. he drilled a bunch of holes and ran wires through the wall and now we have our wireless router in the garage which is the furthest corner of our house. i do a lot of gaming and my connection is spacey. i also cant use Ethernet. everybody i know has routers wherever they want them my friend has his upstairs next to his comp!? why did that guy tell us we needed it in the garage. again im not smart at all when it comes to those. but what should i do. we have tried calling a month after saying "WTF" but they keep saying "oh it needs to be back there" when we had it in our central room with all of our comps for years. thanks
It is good for the modem to be as close to the location where the cable comes in to the home for best speed, but you can certainly move the router up to 100 meters away from the modem using an Ethernet cable.