Question Why does my monitor randomly show a complete white screen when turned on ?

Jun 7, 2021

A few days ago I was watching a tv show on prime video and my screen randomly went white. The monitor and pc at the time had been on for 12+ hours since I was on it all day and has been used a lot recently and I've had the monitor for around 3 years.

The problem is unquestionably to do with the monitor itself and not to do with the pc in anyway since the problem still occurs when the HDMI cable is disconnected. And the white screen occurs a few seconds after powering on.

Monitor details: Acer KG271, 27-inch
240hz, 1ms, Freesync, LCD display
(the monitor screenshot provided is a google image and not my own but it visually represents the same thing)

I went online prior to this and tried to do some fixes by myself. I took out the back panel and checked for problems. But I didn't find any problems with my wiring but just in case, I disconnected them and reconnected them to make sure they were all in correctly. I dont know much about electronics, wiring ect so maybe ive done something wrong here, but the monitor was the same after putting it back together and plugging the power in.

if you could provide some insight and help for this problem it would be much appreciated. Thanks.