Question Why does my monitor say "no cable input" when it is in fact connected to my pc, is it something to do with my GPU

Dec 25, 2019
I recently build my first gaming pc, finally after a lot of issues i was able to finish it. Today i planned to install Windows 10 and if necessary update my BIOS. But when i connected my pc with a HDMI cable to my Acer BMIIX monitor the only message the monitor gave was No Cable Plugin.

I tried everything: Take out the RAM and put them back in, disconnect and reconnect the HDMI, test it with another monitor, use another HDMI cable,... The only thing that might cause this problem is (i think) the GPU.

The specs of my computer are: Ryzen 5 3600, MSI Tomahawk MAX, NZXT H510 (not the elite), Geforce GTX 1660. If you need any other specs to answer this question just ask.

Are there other solutions/causes for this issue? Cause i already looked everywhere and everything says the same.

Thanks already!


Does the following link match your motherboard?


Did you try pulling the GTX 1660 and using the motherboard's built in video ports: HDMI and DVI-D?

Go back through the motherboard's Installation Guide and the applicable guides for all other components.

Double check that all cables, cards, jumpers, and RAM are indeed fully and firmly seated. The seatings may feel and look correct but, especially with a new build, may not be making full and proper contact.

Use a bright flashlight to inspect, reseat each component again, and hopefully all will be well.