Why does my motherboard work in certain cases?


Dec 22, 2011
My board will work in the case i have it in. but when i switch everything over to my new case it doesnt work. is there a grounding issue that wont allow it to work?? if not then does anyone know what is making my board not work or anyone have a quick fix for it?
Could be an extra standoff under the board shorting it out. Or could be simply the case connectors are in the wrong position and the power switch won't work. I never recommend breaking up a single 9 pin case connector if that's what you have in the new case. I just move the case connector around until the power switch works, leaving some of the leads out of position or hanging over an open area next to the case pin cluster. All you need really is the power switch lead in the correct position. You can live without the rest (led lights, etc).