Question Why does my pc creep having problems?

Jul 30, 2020
I built a pc in February which had a ryzen 5 2600, an rtx 2060, cooler master mwe 650w psu, Aorus b450 I pro Wi-FI motherboard and a seagate firecuda 1tb hybrid along with 8 gigs of corsair vengeance lpx ram. It work really well until I decided to get a Rx 5700 xt, a cooler master ma620m cooler and 16 gigs of Corsair vengeance rgb proram. From then on I kept getting blue screens when I was playing games saying things about drivers no less or equal and things about my ram. So I reset my pc and downloaded all the drivers again. But I still got a blue screen about my ram so 3 weeks ago I replaced it with 16 gigs of Corsair vengeance lpx ram. it was all working until today when I was playing fortnight the whole pc shut down and I heard electricity and saw some sparks. I then proceeded to boot it back up and it started no problem. Any ideas? Can someone help?