Question Why does my pc display turn off repeatedly?

Jacob Palmer

Jun 7, 2015
Hello, about a month ago, I updated from windows 10 to windows 11. I have never had any issues with my pc in the past, but within the last week, my computer has started randomly turning off its display off when using it. The only way to rectify the situation is by restarting my computer. Usually turns off it’s display within 1-30 minutes of using the computer.

I have tried using multiple different ports (display port and hdmi), and tried using different cables as well. My monitor stays on when the display turns off and all fans and lights on my computer continue running.

However, if I have a video or audio playing when the background turns off, the audio will continue playing for a minute then turn to static and eventually cut out. I have reinstalled all drivers for video and audio as well with no improvements.

does anybody have suggestions for diagnosing the problem?

here are a list of parts
gpu: asus tuf rtx 3080
Ram: 32gb
Cpu: ryzen 5 3600
Psu: evga 750 gt. 80 plus gold
Motherboard: gigabyte b450 aorus m


Mar 2, 2017
The fluctuation of home voltage maybe the interruption.
If you can check the voltage in your house, maybe that would be better.

Could you tell the monitor you're using?
I have MSI G241V and it would turn off a second if there's a voltage fluctuation around 200v. No problem if it stays at 205v or more.
I'm using UPS and it changes its output to 240v when house voltage drops.